"Just came across this website while doing some internet genealogy research. What a great website and tribute to a church with such a wonderful history! On my next trip to NE Kansas, I’ll definitely visit St. Mary’s church and cemetery where my great-great grandparents Bernard and Rosina Engelken, and great grandparents Herman and Anna Engelken are buried. Enjoyed reading the other guestbook entries, too!"
 — Greg Engelken from Centennial, CO. on 10/25/2009
"I have a special place in my heart for St. Marys. I attended Mass in the summer time when I visited my grandparents, George and Elizabeth Stallbaumer. My parents, Vincent and Leona Stallbaumer Nolte and my grandparents and great-grandparents, both Stallbaumer and Engelken are buried in the cemetery. "
 — Kay Brumbaugh from Topeka, KS on 5/19/2009
"My parents Bernard and Lucille (Haverkamp) Kramer (now living in Aurora, NE) were married in this church 60 years ago on February 12, 1949. I have visited the church several times with them and always appreciate its beauty."
 — Joyce Clayton from Central City, NE on 2/5/2009
"We always feel so welcomed by the St. Marys community when we come for a visit. People standing outside chatting after mass has been lost at too many churches as members rush off to the next event of the Sabbath."
 — Harold and Peg from Howell, MI on 11/9/2008
"Just found the web site. I grew up there. Never appreciated the church until I was gone from there. I try to get home for the picnic every year. I also found it on the 8 wonders of Kansas website. Still a wonderful church."
 — Judy Hall from Smith Center, Kansas on 6/7/2007
"I'm happy that Fr. Owen told me to come here, the letter he wrote about my hometown was something to smile about. He has been a real blessing to us here at W/R. We thank you and the Holy Lord for sending him our way."
 — Uriah K. from Whiteriver, Arizona on 1/30/2007
"St. Mary´s is a wonderful church. I was there in 2004 for a short visit, when I visit the grave of my great granduncle Frank Kruse. Greetings from Germany -Burkhard Kruse"
 — Burkhard Kruse from Steinfeld, Oldenburg, Germany on 1/28/2007
"I went to school there, I had a great teacher Mrs. Deters. When you went in that church it would be the most beautiful thing you have ever saw. After church in our religion classes we would go up and see the little piece of the real cross in the table on the side. It was amazing!"
 — Haley Strathman from Baileyville,KS on 12/23/2004
"St. Benedict has wonderful memories for me as I grew up there in 1943 to the 1960's. I remember all the people who lived there then. I could probably tell you what kind of car they drove. I knew what their farmsteads looked like. I went to school with the children. I know many of the people who passed away and are buried in the cemetery. This website brought me back home. I'm so pleased with the restoration of the beautiful church. I am thankful to the people of the community for their vigor. I enjoyed the pictures of the countryside at wheat harvest. It brings me back. Often I have looked these places and experienced these things. Summer days in North East Kansas. It is so special. There is nothing like it. Who could forget it. It a part of me. My parents were Walter and Theresa Stallbaumer. Thanks for making this website."
 — Anna Marie Hiestand from Fargo, North Dakota on 4/24/2004
"After visiting the church for the third time, I visited the website. The church itself is breathtaking and the website adds a lot of good history."
 — Neal Veleba from Pawnee City, NE on 4/13/2004
"Lots of memories there."
 — Larry Rilinger from Morrill Ks on 3/18/2004
"Many fond memories of this beautiful shrine! Thanks for making it available on the web! God bless you."
 — Michael G. Skoch, MD from Hastings, NE on 1/11/2004
 — Paula (Rilinger) Shackelford from Elwood, KS on 1/6/2004
"I am in awe of the sacrifices it must have taken for the founding families in the construction this beautiful Church. It was truly a leap of faith on their part! I have a bit (only a small bit) of inside information on the history and the restoration project since my grandparents, Andrew & Margaret Engelken were lifelong members of the parish. They, along with my mother, Reva (Engelken) Holthaus and many other relatives are lovingly remembered in the nearby cemetery. The families and individuals are to be commended for their time and efforts for the restoration and continued maintenance of such a beautiful landmark. Thank you Father Owen and all who helped make this website a reality. (You know who you are!) It bring back many fond memories!! I will tell others!!"
 — Fred & Susan Holthaus from Topeka, Kansas on 1/6/2004
"Thank you Father Owen, it is great to see this website. My great-gandfathers name Michael Rogers is on one of the stain-glass windows. Story was that he donated the last bit of money needed to finish the Church and got to name it. My dad, Eugene Rogers sat through many masses, that lasted for what seemed hours, spoken in German and Latin as a little boy."
 — Tom Rogers from Lakewood, CO on 12/11/2003
"Nice to see this site and the records about Mineiros GO, my homeland, with Abbot Owen´s words. Last july and august i have been in the USA and could talk with my old friend, Sister Mary Mel, from Atchison KS. God bless you all."
 — Ricardo Luiz Irineu Brito from Goiania, Goias, Brazil on 10/3/2003
"Just discovered this website. My Grandparents Henry Meyer and Mary (Hunninghake) Meyer are buried in the cemetery there, along with my wife, Gladys' grandfather Henry Korte. Nice to see this site."
 — Maurice Niehaus from Lake City, MN on 8/5/2003
"Dear Abott Owen & friends of Kelly Youth Rally, May God bless all you! Thank you to take care of our Brazilian children. We are very happy with your help and friendship. You will be always in our prayers and thougths! Love and peace, Lucélia."
 — Maria Lucélia Carvalho de Sousa from Mineiros, Goiás, Brazil on 6/21/2003
"A friend from beautiful northeast Kansas."
 — Rance Hixson from Hiawatha, Kansas on 12/14/2002
"It was good seeing the church again. I looked for the beautiful murals that are on the ceiling over the main body of the church, but I did not see them. I am very glad we went on our excursion one day several years ago and found your church. I think the Stations of the Cross are also very beautiful. We have little plaques in our all purpose church building right now. Not very interesting for little ones to view while saying the Stations. I hope you are doing well right now. Lucy Walker said you are having some health challenges. God's peace and love to you always. Dottie Dierkes"
 — Dottie Dierkes from Rowlett, Texas on 11/21/2002
"Wonderful job on a great website. We are looking forward to attending mass at your beautiful church in the near future. Thanks for sharing what your religious family has to offer."
 — Maurice and Nancy Meirowsky from Peabody, KS on 7/25/2002
"Glad we heard about this website, the church is beautiful. We look forward to reading your homilies and seeing you some Sunday morning at St. Marys. We miss you!!!!"
 — Mark & Susan Falk & Kids from Atchison KS on 4/16/2002
"Dear Abbot Owen, thank you for the beautiful presentation of Brazil with to map of the location of Mineiros. It's wonderful this website and St. Mary's Church is nice. Congratulations. Our special thanks to all of CFCA and Kelly Youth Rally for to help our children. God bless you. Love and Prayers, Lucélia"
 — Maria Lucélia Carvalho de Sousa from Mineiros, Goiás on 2/22/2002
"Grand and Glorious website!!!! Just finished reading all of Fr.Owen's messages from Brazil. Thanks for sharing the experiences all along the way. Brought back the memories of my trips there. Fr.Eric's, "Rember Leon, Life is tough on the Missions" is a treasure for me. Before my first trip to visit Dom Mattias, my mother admonished me that there were three things she wanted me to do. 1.Look for the Southern Cross. 2. Help with he dishes on Sunday evenings. 3. Hug all the Sisters. After the first evening at the Convent and hugging Sisters, I told Matt that mother had asked me to do three things------------ and I forgot the other two. God Bless Us All. Leon J"
 — Leon J and Margie Schmidt from Daytona Beach, FL on 2/5/2002
"Fr. Owen, just wanted you to know how much we enjoyed "your" trip to Brazil, but in a sense, you took all of us with you!! Amazing isn't it? Thank you!!"
 — Pat and Patty Schmelzle from Seneca, KS on 2/2/2002
"We never cease to enjoy the St. Benedict Church when we are in the area. You have done a fine job of presenting it on the web and we will do our part to make others aware of this wonderful treasure. It is a spiritual experience just to see it...even on the net! Thank you."
 — Vern & Dorothy Koch from Newton, Kansas on 1/28/2002
"Dear All, It is a tought battles getting into Yahoo these days and so I will resort to the back up, Hotmail to report on both the trip to the Circus last night (Friday) and on the visit with the people connected with the Christian Foundation this (Sat) morning. Love to all. Fr. Owen"
 — Owen Purcell, OSB from Mineiros, GO, Brazil on 1/26/2002
"Great to see St. Mary's Church back on the web. Beautiful website for a beautiful church and people (and pastor!)"
 — Fr. Tom Dolezal from Lenexa, KS on 1/13/2002
"Currently I cannot get in to Yahoo so send this web site message just to let you know that I am doing very well. The trip has been with little anxiety and much joy. I will attempt later to give a fuller message. It helps that my Portuguese seems better. I was able to be the celebrant of the community Mass this Am. More later! Blessings, Fr. Owen"
 — Fr. Owen Purcell, OSB from Mineiros, Goias, Brasil on 1/8/2002
"I really enjoy the history and the pictures on here."
 — Jim & Jerrie Huerter from Seneca,Ks on 1/5/2002
"We truly enjoy reading your homilies. Thank you very much for being an important part in our lives."
 — Daisha & Linda Miller from Atchison, KS on 12/3/2001
"Was referred to this site by a friend of mine. We make a ritual of stopping at Catholic churches on our travels to marvel at all the time and hard work that went into the earlier ones. This is a super website. Thanks."
 — Jean Fisher from Longmont CO on 11/16/2001
"My grandparents Frank and Josephine Holthaus, lived near St.Benedict and they raised a family that attended St.Mary's. My father, Joseph was baptized in this parish. Have visited the church several times and compared it to old photographs of the interior of the old, since replaced, St.Johan the Baptist Church in Steinfeld, Oldenburg, Germany. Will visit this web site quite often as it is well done and interesting."
 — Donald Holthaus from Sunnyvale, CA. on 10/19/2001
"i grew up going to St Mary's. It's great to be able to check out this site and remember the beauty of the church. My parents always say how great it is to have you back."
 — Misty Blume from Wamego, KS on 10/16/2001
"ST. Mary's is a fabulous church in which to worship and attend mass. It is beyond my understanding how this magnificent structure with all its marvelous art was built in such a small farming community."
 — Deborah Sudbeck from Seneca, KS on 10/4/2001
"It's great to have you back in St. Benedict. I missed you, Father Owen!!!"
 — Wendy Strathman from Seneca, Kansas on 9/29/2001
"Just wanted to let you know that we love the 6:00 p.m. Mass time. Also, we love the website. Good to have you back in St. Benedict, Father Owen."
 — Laurie Strathman from Seneca, KS on 9/29/2001
"Wanted to let you know I enjoyed visiting your website. What a beautiful church! I would like to see it in person when I'm up in your area someday."
 — Pat Shaffer from Benton, KS on 9/17/2001
"Congratulations to all who contributed to this website - it's tremendous. I'm looking forward to visiting again when you have added more info and 'parish news.' PS The pictures are really great!"
 — Marci Feldkamp from Effingham, KS on 9/12/2001
"Thank you for sharing your treasure of a church. I have placed a visit on my list of places to see. Nice job w/ the website."
 — Karl Mueldener from Topeka, KS on 9/12/2001
"This is wonderful! Thanks for taking the "jump" into cyberspace Fr. Owen. You will touch more people with this than you can ever imagine! God bless all that were involved, you all did a great job!"
 — Patty Schmelzle from Seneca, KS on 9/11/2001
"Dear Fr Owen, Will be up your way first part of next month. Look forward to visiting with you .I'm retired now and not quite as mischevious as I once was...Guess some of the good rubbed off on me Mike Aziere"
 — Mike Aziere from Sperry, Oklahoma on 9/10/2001
"wonderful to see a website like this that deals with my ancestry. My father was C J Aziere, his Father John Aziere, his father Charles and his father Juste. Several are buried in the cemetary. Father Charles Aziere was my uncle."
 — Mark Aziere from Tulsa Oklahoma on 9/10/2001
"I would like to say thanks to Pat Schmelzle Family for passing this on. The pictures were great and I had forgot some of the history involved. Excellent web site!"
 — Dennis Aziere from Callaway, FL on 9/10/2001
"Thanks Abbot Owen for sharing this with me. Have really missed your homilies and now can once again enjoy them. Although they're not the same as in person, I do enjoy reading them."
 — Sparkie Scherer from Atchison, KS on 9/10/2001
"Congratulations to Father Owen and team there at St. Mary's, Kelly and Corning. This website is sure to be visited by many. Very well done. I will inform your former parishoners here at St. Ann's and St. Louis about the site. They will continue to enjoy your good homilies."
 — Fr. Duane Roy, OSB from Effingham, KS on 9/10/2001
"this is wonderful! I plan to share with distant friends."
 — Mary Ballinger from Atchison,KS on 9/9/2001
"looks great. Look forward to seeing it in person this fall."
 — Mike Easterday from Lawrence, Kansas on 9/8/2001
"What a surprise. Enjoyed the pictures, history and homilies. Maybe they were talking about Sweet Old Bernie."
 — Bernie McManaman from Atchison, KS on 9/8/2001
"Congratulations on the web site for St. Mary's church. Navigating through the site is easy and enjoyable. The pictures of the church are wonderful. Having an archive of the homilies is inspirational and educational."
 — Greg Duryea from Morrill, KS on 9/8/2001
"Thanks Father Owen for St. Marys website. Now I will never miss any of your wonderful homilies. I appreciate the Mass Schedules and enjoy the Photo Gallery and History. This is a Number One site I will visit often."
 — Carol Steinlage from Centralia, Kansas on 9/8/2001
"The St. Mary's Church website is wonderful! The history as you have presented it here is very interesting and the photos give the viewer a glimpse of the beauty of the church. Thank you for maintaining this website and including Fr. Owen's homilies as well as upcoming events in the parish."
 — Sr. Delores Wagner, OSB from Atchison, Kansas on 9/8/2001

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