Agreements & Policies

Rental Agreement of the Church by Non-Parishioners - 12/12/2018
The agreement is to be used for rental of St. Marys Church by Non-Parishioners

Hall Rental Agreement for Non-Parishioners - 12/12/2018
This agreement is to be used by non-parishioners for rental of the Hall.

Hall Rental Checklist - 12/11/2018
See this checklist for information concerning use of hall

Insurance for facility rental - 12/11/2018
Form to be completed for purchase of insurance for facility rental

Facility Usage Agreement - 4/14/2018
The Facility Usage/Indemnity Agreement must be used when non-parish sponsored or affiliated groups use parish facilities on a short-term basis such as one day or a week.

Rental Agreement and Checklist for Parishioners - 4/14/2018
This is a Rental Agreement and Checklist for Parishioners

Wedding Agreement for Parishioners - 10/5/2017
Download and complete this form for weddings for members of the parish only.

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