Sunday, October 4, 2009  We pray for all people, that God will allow them to have respect for all life.

Homily, Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fr. Ed Oen, C.PP.S.

Thirty-six years ago, the bishops of the United States designated the first Sunday in October as Respect Life Sunday. The bishops all agreed of the need to show respect for the life of everyone – from conception to old age. In today’s Mass, we learn how God formed woman from the rib cage of Adam. Prior to this, Adam was alone. Finally God breathed into him and gave Adam his own life. And He did the same for Eve. He made both of them in His very likeness. Adam had named the animals, for example, “I call that one a cow; I call that a bird.” But Adam found no one that was like him. And so it was important that one day when Adam was in a deep sleep to take a rib, and created woman. And when Adam saw her, he said, “This one is bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh.” Adam took her as his own.

Only God has the right to give life or to take it away whether it is pre-born or elderly. God gave us the Commandment: That Shalt Not Kill. He never added a clause such as, “Unless the life adds a hardship or interferes as a with health, or education of the mother. He never put another phrase in there such as, “Unless the elderly become burdensome, unless the mentally or physical handicapped become useless.

Take by comparison a new $1 bill. As it is used, it gets crunched up and as it gets older, it becomes loaded with wrinkles. That first new $1 bill is worth 100 pennies. Now how much is this wrinkled $1 bill worth? It’s still 100 pennies. That’s the way we are in the sight of God. Whether we have wrinkles or are older, or whether He gave us good looks -- it doesn’t make any difference; we are still worth full price to God. 

In 1973, the Supreme Court made an immoral ruling that permits people to murder the unborn. Only God has the right to end life. Even though the Court made abortion legal, that does not make it morally right. Life begins at the moment of conception. The only difference between a pre-born and a 19-year old is size.

Today, we pray for the conversion of the pro-abortionists and women who have difficult pregnancies. Usually it takes about five years after someone has an abortion to come to the recognition that it was not the right thing to do.

The elderly may not be able to purchase expensive medicine. They become very depressed. Some cannot afford housing or other basic necessities of life. Today, we also pray for the retired, the chronically ill; we pray for those who have lost their jobs – people who cannot afford housing, much less health care. There is a lot of pressure put on people who have lost their jobs.

We pray for all people, that God will allow them to have respect for all life.

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