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Annual- Church Picnic Results 2014 - 2019 This table shows results for the Annual Church Picnic from 2014 - 2019 
2019 QUILTS Quilts to be on auction Sunday, June 24 at Parish Picnic 
West Side Project Help Make St. Marys Church More Beautiful and Accessible 
Auction Items - 2018 Here are some of the Auction Items for the 2018 Church Picnic, June 24 
Letter to Parishioners by Fr. Reggie Fr. Reginald Saldanha introduces himself 
2017 QUILTS AND ITEMS Quilts and items on 2017 auction 
New Roof Complete! Read the Project Summary 
Auction Exceeds more than $10,000 This file shows the donors, items, purchasers and prices of 2016 Auction Items 
Picnic Results 2014-2016 This chart shows income by stand for 2014 - 2016 
2016 QUILTS AND ITEMS Quilts and items on 2016 auction 
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