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2007 Summer Social 2007 Parish Picnic has net profit of $21,338.79 
2003 Summer Social 2006 Parish Picnic nets $19,034 
Upkeep Trust Fund St. Marys Parish Cemetery Building Upkeep Trust Fund 
French Journalism Students Visit St. Benedict part of Tour by French journalism students publishing a book: II ETAIT UNE FOI DANS l’OUEST 
2005 Summer Social 2005 St. Mary’s Parish Picnic nets $19,905 
2004 Parish social 2004 Parish social nets $21,421 
Society of Architectural Historians tour  
2003 Summer Social St. Marys Parish 2003 summer social nets $18,155.87 
Night Alive! The 4th and 5th grade CCD class of St. Patricks Parish in Corning relived the Story of Christmas with the annual Christmas pageant, December 18. 
2002 Summer Social 2002 Parish Picnic nets $19,442.18. 
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