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An orchestra for $9 -- and an invitation to "Two Days to Marry!"

Saturday, August 6, 2022/Categories: History

An Excerpt from Fr. Cyril Bayer’s Composition Book, Jan. 7, 1934

     This evening at 8 o'clock sharp,the curtain will rise on the 3 act farce-comedy. “Two Days to Marry” played by our young people. We are counting on you to be an over well-pleased audience and fill the hall for us. Admission 25 and 15 ¢. The four men of the church committee please take in the door receipts. Next Wednesday eve. the St. Aloy’s YM Sod. (St. Aloysius Young Men’s Sodality) will have their special affair to which the Y. Ladies (young ladies) are invited. This being the first social of the young people in the New Year—I am put to the necessity of making a few changes which I trust will meet with a favorable reception and establish a better good will.

     We have found an orchestra, which will play for the reasonable sum of $9.00—furthermore, I will engage from now on, and as long as it will work out all right, only one doorman at the reduced wage of $1.00. This cuts the expenses from $15.00 down to $10.00—At 30 ¢ a ticket, this would still require the attendance of about 30 young men to raise the amount. I appoint Mr. Chas. Hasenkamp to act as doorman and request the Sec. of the Y.M. Sod. to assist him in collecting the tickets whilest the push lasts. After the majority is in the hall, one man aught easily be able to attend to the door for the remainder of the evening. With expenses reduced, I think we will be able to admit the Y.L. free, as formerly, but they must get themselves a ticket in order to be admitted to the hall.


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