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Our Parish History Tidbits -- An Excerpt from Fr. Cyril Bayer’s Composition Book, Feb. 11, 1934

Since Lent is not a time for visiting and running around ....

Saturday, August 27, 2022/Categories: History

This evening Card Party and Luncheon in School Hall. Intended to be an enjoyable social gathering before we go into the Lenten Season. The affair will be under the auspices of the Y.L.Sod (Young Ladies Sodality).  There being quite a few who prefer a game of pinochle to pitch the tables will be put up in two separate sets. Those who wish to play pinochle will please bring their own decks of cards. Mr. Geo. Fangman and Mr. Andrew Engelken will please collect the admission fee, which will be 20¢ for the card players, and 15¢ for those who do not play and for the children. No other charges will be made. All the young ladies are asked to help serve lunch. The lunch will consist of sandwich, pie and coffee, certain ones have already been asked to bring the sandwiches and those who were not asked to bring that, are requested to bring a pie. Since Lent is not a time for visiting and running around, let us all be together tonight, to either enjoy a good game of cards, or to sit together in groups and have a hearty chat with one another. Don’t fail us! 

I wish to take the occasion of thanking you very much for the piles of wood you cut and hauled to the Church last week. The amount considerably exceeds the quantity of last year. You are getting each year better.”  pp. 9-10.


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