Building of the Fourth Church

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When the third church was built in 1880, it was anticipated that it would be useful for many years to come. By 1889 the parish had increased to 109 families, adding nearly 40 families in just 10 years. Some felt that the church should be enlarged to accommodate additional parishioners while others felt that the best course would be to build a splendid new imposing church of brick or stone --  a structure with more permanency. The building of yet another new church was no doubt a debt some parishioners could hardly afford. When a stalemate developed the decision was finally taken to the Bishop. The Rt. Rev. Louis M. Fink, O.S.B. decided that a fourth church should be built of stone and large enough for all future needs. Fr. Pirmine Koumly, O.S.B., was the priest during the planning of this church. Father along with Mr. Timothy Heiman took up a subscription which amounted to over $16,000.

The foundation was begun In the fall of 1891; the cost was $3,500. It was reported to be "wide enough for a team of horses and eleven feet deep."  A small basement was also built for a chapel where weekday Masses were to be said during the winter months. After the foundation and basement were finished they were covered with a good coat of cement to protect them against rain. The congregation and probably the builders decided to wait at least one year before erecting the main building.  (From St. Mary’s Catholic Parish 1859 – 2009, “Faith Moves Us Forward”).


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